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Ricant S.r.l.
Located in Milan's outskirts, RICANT's founders have more than twenty years experience in the medical technical industry and have established their brand in the heart of the european market as one of the leading companies working on bedsore's care.

RICANT S.r.l exclusively sells its products under its own brand in order to have the most extensive control over their quality engagement and to meet the specific needs required by its customers.

All the products presented on RICANT S.r.l website are in accordance with the Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent amendments and are as well registered under the Repertoire of Medical Devices.

RICANT S.r.l constantly engages its work in expending its own range of anti-decubitus systems to cover all the needs and requirements of its faithful customers.

In compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health on advertising to the public, please note that all information contained on this site are related to medical devices and are exclusively addressed to professionals in the industry and do not have an advertising nature.

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